In our 10th year as Türkiye Innovation Week, we are launching an accelerated marathon for a widespread, ambitious innovation transformation.

Our activity program consisting of 10 Rocket programs: MaratON



InovaLIG, Türkiye's first innovation development program organized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly, is a program that aims to support the increase in exports based on innovation, to develop innovation awareness in companies, to develop the innovation culture of companies on an interactive platform, to gain innovation competencies and to reward all the work done.

With the InovaLIG program, it is aimed to develop innovation awareness in both large-scale companies and SME-scale companies in our country. InovaLIG is organized based on the Innovation Management Assessment methodology conducted by IMP3rove, which is applied in 17 countries in Europe. Accordingly, the InovaLIG program identifies the innovation leaders of each year by compiling the innovation scorecards of companies in Türkiye.

At the InovaLIG, which we believe will contribute to the development of innovation culture, companies complete the Innovation Management Assessment in 5 main categories of innovation (Innovation Strategy, Innovation Organization and Culture, Innovation Cycle, Innovation Resources, Innovation Results) and become eligible to compete in the Innovation Management Assessment.


InoSuit Program

The InoSuit Program, launched by the Turkish Exporters Assembly in order for companies to receive mentoring support in an appropriate area for their innovation competence, aims to increase innovation management competence in a sustainable manner, to create and strengthen innovation management infrastructure, and to design and implement corporate innovation systems that are suitable for each institution's own goals, structure and needs.

Best Practices in Innovation Management

Since 2016, the content of the InoSuit Program, which has been developed with the experience, knowledge, efforts of mentors and the gains of companies, has been restructured as of 2021 to cover four areas as InoSuit Preparation, InoSuit General, Value Added Focused InoSuit and InoSuit Export Champions, taking into account the export potential, value-added product focus and innovation capacity. With this restructuring as well as participation of all companies and mentors, the Best Practice Sharing Workshop on Corporate Innovation Management was held on September 15, 2023, moderated by InoSuit Program Academic Coordinators Dr. Merih PASİN and Dr. Mehmet AYDIN.


TIM-TEB Enterprise Houses

Operating since 2015 in seven different cities, namely Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Denizli, Gaziantep, Bursa and Mersin, TIM TEB Enterprise Houses has been guiding the ecosystem with unique programs at the acceleration and growth stages to ensure the sustainability and rapid growth of established technology companies. To date, more than 1800 technology-oriented entrepreneurs have been supported.

As a result of its large capacity in the ecosystem and strong relations with all parties, TIM-TEB Initiative Houses brings entrepreneurs together with both public and private investment groups in the widest way.



InovaTIM is an open innovation ecosystem formed by more than 3000 associate and undergraduate students from 150 different universities in 72 cities with a culture of learning and production. InovaTIM students visit international science and technology centers, participate in international competitions, receive training on innovation and technology, carry out scientific studies and provide training on artificial intelligence, innovation and the Internet of Things in high schools. In this context, the main activities of InovaTIM members are the InovaTIM Innovation Competition, InovaTIM Project Teams, InovaTIM Innovation Workshops and InovaTIM Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Trainings in High Schools.

InovaTIM Innovation Competition: The competition is one of the most comprehensive and unique open innovation competitions in Türkiye with its algorithm named “Özgelecek”, where associate, undergraduate and graduate students apply to produce innovative projects in specified categories. The competition aims for teams to learn the processes of problem identification, scientific research, competitor analysis, target audience analysis, market analysis, technical feasibility and prototyping with the reports they create while producing projects.

InovaTIM Project Teams: Students participate in international competitions by forming project teams and successfully represent our country. Project teams working in the fields of underwater robotics, formula vehicles, robotics, software and image processing, space and aviation have achieved significant success.

InovaTIM Workshops: Students increase their knowledge and improve the quality of their works by conducting workshops in many fields. They also have the chance to participate in events such as Teknofest and Türkiye Innovation Week through workshops.

InovaTIM Mentor Program: Students receive training on artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and innovation, mentor more than 10,000 high school students across Türkiye and contribute to the development of high school students by providing training in related fields.


Türkiye Innovation Map

The Turkish Exporters Assembly launched the Türkiye Innovation Map study within the scope of the Türkiye Innovation Week 10th Anniversary Special Program. Under the program, it is planned to determine the current innovation capacity and performance of exporter companies by using CISNAT (Corporate Innovation System and Network Analysis Tool) as a unique model, to create comparative analysis reports and to develop recommendations to improve innovation capacities. The Türkiye Innovation Map study is intended to serve as a guide for the expansion of innovation in Türkiye and the development of effective policies.


Global Innovation Index

In the Global Innovation Index, which has been published by the World Intellectual Property Organization since 2007 and compares the innovation performance of 132 countries, Türkiye has risen 14 places in the last two years and ranked 37th. Under the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and under the coordination of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, the best practices and experiences of the countries in the top 20 are examined and discussed in detail within the scope of efforts to improve the position of our country in the Global Innovation Index. The activities we carry out within our goal of rising to the top of the list continue.


Innovation Stakeholder Countries

The Innovation Stakeholder Countries program aims to promote and support innovation and develop new products, technologies and business processes by sharing knowledge, experience and resources in the field of innovation, and joint meetings are held between countries.

Initiated by the Turkish Exporters Assembly to promote innovation at the global level and increase international cooperation, the program organizes meetings at embassies and attaché offices to enable Turkish companies and institutions to cooperate with companies and institutions in other countries. The program aims to coordinate innovation processes and facilitate the sharing of information and resources between different countries.


Türkiye Innovation Week 10th Anniversary Special Event: S2C Meetings

The S2C-Startup to Corporate event, organized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly with TIM-TEB Enterprise Houses, is a support program that aims to contribute to the development of Türkiye's entrepreneurship ecosystem and provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to introduce themselves and improve their relations with corporate companies. Held on July 10, 2023 at TIM headquarters, the event brought together 20 exporter companies and 23 technology entrepreneurs for more than 100 B2B meetings. Selected S2C collaborations are carried out on R&D solutions such as digital transformation, software, high-tech integration, IoT, and blockchain.


TIM Innovation Academy

The TIM Innovation Expert Training program was launched for the first time under the roof of the TIM Academy for the employees of exporter companies in order to provide competence in innovation management. The Innovation Expert Training Program, which was launched as a pilot study with a limited quota, was planned for 40 hours and held online every weekday from 15:00 to 19:00 on September 18-29, 2023.


Master Class: Innovation Dialogues

Organized as part of Türkiye Innovation Week and planned to continue throughout the year, Master Class: Innovation Dialogues program offers an interactive experience that encourages thinking, learning and sharing creative ideas. Each Master Class consists of interactive sessions led by leading experts and experienced entrepreneurs, where every topic related to innovation is discussed in depth and ideas are exchanged. Offering the opportunity to be part of a community that is shaping the future of innovation, the program aims to explore the opportunities of the future and create a culture of grassroots innovation.