Panels and Conferences

With a comprehensive program where we will discuss the future plan of the world, Türkiye Innovation Week hosts the world's proven names in innovation and brings together their distinctive perspectives, speeches and inspiring experiences with visitors.

This comprehensive program brings together innovation leaders from around the world. These names, each a pioneer in their own field, are preparing to discuss how the future will be shaped and how innovation can transform our world in different sectors and industries.

Türkiye's Innovation Projects

The country's and the world's leading organizations and brands come together at Türkiye Innovation Week to showcase the power of innovation and inspire the future. This event offers the opportunity to meet innovative projects and solutions at the booths of brands from various sectors. The project and experience areas at the booths of brands from different industries, from economy to health, technology to education, push the boundaries of innovation and reveal inspiring works with the dream of a better future. Technological trends and ever-changing new norms that affect the whole world meet with innovation.

Exhibitions and Installations

The special exhibition and installation areas prepared within the scope of Türkiye Innovation Week aim to inspire visitors with current digital art projects and prominent designs. In this area where innovation meets art, current works, impressive design and art projects that stand out especially in digital arts will be exhibited. This special area, where art and technology merge, aims to offer visitors an impressive experience.


The champions who competed and won in Türkiye's first innovation development program InovaLIG, which was launched by TIM in order to raise innovation awareness of companies, gain innovation competencies and support Türkiye's innovation-based export growth, will receive their awards at the award ceremony to be held on the stage of Türkiye Innovation Week. The award ceremony is organized with continuous presence of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Republic of Türkiye.


With InovaTIM, an open innovation ecosystem formed by more than 3000 associate and undergraduate students from 150 different universities in 72 cities with a culture of learning and production, students visit international science and technology centers, participate in international competitions, receive training on innovation and technology, and conduct scientific studies. At the Türkiye Innovation Week, where the main activities of InovaTIM students will take place and their projects will be exhibited, the “InovaTIM Innovation Competition Award Ceremony” and the “InovaTIM Project Exhibition” are also organized for the students from InovaTIM who are ranked with their projects every year.

TIM-TEB Enterprise Houses

Continuing its activities to develop and strengthen innovative, high value-added and export-potential entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprises in its provinces with comprehensive programs, TIM-TEB Initiative Houses hosts important programs, speeches and meetings within the scope of Türkiye Innovation Week. TIM-TEB Initiative Houses, which offers business management services needed by existing technology companies in addition to the services it provides as an incubation center for newly established entrepreneurs, brings together the leading names of the sector in the “InnovaZone Powered by TEB” area, which aims to be the meeting point of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

At InnovaZone, which brings together entrepreneurial investors who create valuable financial opportunities for innovative enterprises, you can have the opportunity to receive investment for your enterprise in one-on-one meetings to be held under the leadership of TİM-TEB Enterprise House. Apply and take your place at a limited number of investment tables!

Meeting Point of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: TIW23 InnovaZone Powered by TEB

InnovaZone, an entrepreneurship area with the mission of transforming creative ideas into successful businesses that change the world, which will be established for the first time within the scope of TIW23, aims to be the meeting point of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Under the leadership of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, which aims to make our country one of the global centers of entrepreneurship with its young and dynamic population and human nature that is highly prone to risk-taking, successful initiatives, entrepreneurs, investors and leading names of the sector come together in this area where all the activities carried out are physically introduced under one roof. InnovaZone, one of the attraction centers of Türkiye Innovation Week, includes TIM-TEB Initiative Houses booths, InnovaStage, where opinion leaders from the entrepreneurship ecosystem share their views, and InnovaPoint, where S2C meetings will be held by matching start-ups with corporate companies and investors.

Master Class: Innovation Dialogues

Organized as part of Türkiye Innovation Week and planned to continue throughout the year, Master Class: Innovation Dialogues program offers an interactive experience that encourages thinking, learning and sharing creative ideas. You can reserve your place when applications open for the limited quota classes, which consist of interactive sessions where every topic related to innovation is discussed in depth and ideas are exchanged.

InovaTIM GameJam: Sustainability and Export Themed GameJam Event

Get the opportunity to create your own game in this exciting event that will take place within the scope of Turkey Innovation Week. Get a chance to win prizes by competing in the 72-hour marathon. İnovaTİM GameJam offers the perfect platform to test your creative intelligence and make your name known in the gaming world. Don't miss this opportunity at Türkiye Innovation Week, apply now to participate!

TIM Innovation Academy

The TIM Innovation Expert Training program was launched for the first time under the roof of TIM Academy for the employees of our exporter companies in order to gain competence in the field of innovation management. A certificate ceremony will be held at the Türkiye Innovation Week for the employees of 20 exporter companies who graduated from the limited quota Innovation Expert Training program launched as a pilot study.


Within the scope of the Focused InoSuit Program, which was launched by the Turkish Exporters Assembly in order for companies to receive mentoring support in the appropriate lane for their innovation competence, the InoSuit Program Certificate Ceremony will be held at the Türkiye Innovation Week for companies and mentors who have successfully completed the process. Since 2016, within the scope of the InoSuit Program, which has been developed with the experience, knowledge and efforts of mentors and the achievements of companies, the Best Practice Sharing Workshop on Corporate Innovation Management was held to identify the best practices in innovation management. The best practice examples selected at the workshop will be announced with a ceremony to be held at Türkiye Innovation Week.

Türkiye Innovation Week 10th Anniversary Special Event: S2C Meeting

On July 10, 2023, the Turkish Exporters Assembly organized the Türkiye Innovation Week 10th Anniversary Special Event: S2C Meeting within the scope of the S2C-Startup to Corporate event, which is one of the supports of the TIM-TEB Initiative Houses program that provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to introduce themselves and develop their relations with corporate companies, in order to contribute to the development of Türkiye's entrepreneurship ecosystem. Selected S2C collaborations on R&D solutions such as digital transformation, software, high-tech integration, IoT, blockchain are shared within the scope of Türkiye Innovation Week.