About Türkiye Innovation Week

“Türkiye Innovation Week”, the biggest innovation gathering of Türkiye and the nearby geography, hosted by the Turkish Exporters Assembly, with the aim of developing and growing the innovation ecosystem, discovering the power of innovation, bringing together and inspiring ideas that will shape the future, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Since 2012, Türkiye's most comprehensive innovation event, which we have been organizing with increasing interest and participation, will meet with innovation enthusiasts at Haliç Congress Center on November 23-24-25 with the continuous presence of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

In addition to the 10th anniversary of the event, we consider this important year, which marks the 30th anniversary of the Turkish Exporters Assembly and the 100th anniversary of our Republic, as a milestone. We are honored to create opportunities that will always aim better for our country, our world and our future by ensuring the continuity of all activities that feed innovation.


What to Expect at TIW 23

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Panels and Conferences

With a comprehensive program where we will discuss the future plan of the world, Türkiye Innovation Week hosts the world's proven names in innovation and brings together their distinctive perspectives, speeches and inspiring experiences with visitors.

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Türkiye's Innovation Projects

The country's and the world's leading organizations and brands come together at Türkiye Innovation Week to showcase the power of innovation and inspire the future.

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Exhibitions and Installations

The special exhibition and installation areas prepared within the scope of Türkiye Innovation Week aim to inspire visitors with current digital art projects and prominent designs.

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The champions who competed and won in Türkiye's first innovation development program InovaLIG, which was launched by TIM in order to raise innovation awareness of companies...


Inspiring Panels

Strategic Partners

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