Türkiye Innovation Week

“Türkiye Innovation Week”, the biggest innovation gathering of Türkiye and the nearby geography, hosted by the Turkish Exporters Assembly, with the aim of developing and growing the innovation ecosystem, discovering the power of innovation, bringing together and inspiring ideas that will shape the future, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Since 2012, Türkiye's most comprehensive innovation event, which we have been organizing with increasing interest and participation, will meet with innovation enthusiasts at Haliç Congress Center on November 23-24-25 with the continuous presence of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

In addition to the 10th anniversary of the event, we consider this important year, which marks the 30th anniversary of the Turkish Exporters Assembly and the 100th anniversary of our Republic, as a milestone. We are honored to create opportunities that will always aim better for our country, our world and our future by ensuring the continuity of all activities that feed innovation.

At the Türkiye Innovation Week 23, we have prepared a comprehensive program where we will discuss Türkiye's new century and the world's future plan.

TIW 23: Ideas for the Needs of the Future

As Türkiye Innovation Week, we have defined the 10 mega topics that will need innovation the most in the next century. We have brought together experts in the field to develop ideas that will bring solutions to large-scale problems that may arise from these possibilities by revealing all possible scenarios. At Türkiye Innovation Week, we examine many topics from renewable energy sources to food and agricultural technologies, from groundbreaking work in health to next generation education technologies, from artificial intelligence and automation to financial technologies with a broad perspective.

We will plan, talk and discuss how we can move towards creating positive change on a global scale with innovative approaches and groundbreaking ideas with leading names in the sectors and industries where we will need innovation the most. From this perspective, we aim to provide a strategic opportunity and roadmap for our exporters who pursue value-added exports with the problems we will address and the solutions we will offer. We are ready for the most innovative three days of the year with the belief that we can design a better future with sustainable goals and innovative approaches.

Join us to meet industry leaders, listen to inspiring speeches and discover new business opportunities, and get ready for the future of the world!

#The Future of the World is in Innovation

Topics and industries where humanity is expected to need innovation the most in the coming century

1. Climate Change, Sustainability, and Renewable Energy Technologies: With increasing population, energy consumption, and industrialization, climate change is predicted to become an even more serious issue. Goals like the European Green Deal aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels and transform Europe into the world's first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Similarly, Turkey has raised its emission reduction target to 41% by 2030 and has set goals for net-zero emissions by 2053. Sustainable energy production, greenhouse gas reduction, and environmental protection efforts will be of great importance globally and in our country.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Automation: The development of artificial intelligence and automation is expected to bring significant changes in areas such as production, healthcare, education, and more. Issues like human-machine interaction, ethics, and workforce dynamics will become increasingly important. Problems and solutions related to the adaptation processes of traditional industries and manufacturers will also be addressed.

3. Healthcare Technologies: As life expectancy increases, innovations in disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment will become even more vital. Genomic therapies, nanotechnology, and digital health solutions are expected to stand out in this field.

4. Space Exploration and Colonization: Humanity's interest in space has been known since its existence. Advancing technology is expected to play a significant role in areas such as space travel, space mining, and life support in space. These efforts range from space suits for astronauts to space mining equipment. Turkey's investments and international collaboration in this field can play a crucial role in the growth of space commerce and greater integration of space into human life, expanding the vision of Turkish exporters and contributing to the development of innovative technologies.

5. Food Production and Agricultural Technologies: Population growth and land use limitations require more efficient and sustainable farming methods. Innovative solutions such as plant-based meat production, water-efficient agriculture, vertical farming, and technologies for turning saltwater into freshwater may play a significant role in addressing these challenges.

6. Education and Learning Technologies: In addition to traditional education models, innovations in areas such as digital learning platforms, virtual reality-supported education, and personalized learning are supporting lifelong learning.

7. Transportation Technologies and Trade Logistics: Factors like population growth, urbanization, traffic congestion, and environmental pollution necessitate making traditional transportation systems more efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Research into faster, more economical, and environmentally friendly long-distance transportation options is ongoing. Innovations such as supersonic planes, air taxis, and high-capacity air transportation vehicles have been discussed for years. Additionally, the challenges faced by evolving logistics networks and systems in ensuring the uninterrupted flow of global trade are growing.

8. Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is a critical issue in our increasingly digitized world. With rapidly advancing technology, cyberattacks and data breaches are becoming more complex. Innovation in cybersecurity is crucial for countering new-generation threats, enhancing data protection technologies, and detecting and preventing cyberattacks effectively.

9. Defense Industry and Technological Innovation: The defense industry is emerging as a significant area of concern in the future. Rapid technological advancements are leading to the emergence of new military strategies and weapon systems that can impact the balance of military power. Innovations in defense industries, including advanced technology, cyber warfare, and artificial intelligence-assisted weapon systems, are reshaping defense strategies. Innovations in this field can enhance countries' abilities to ensure national security, prepare for crisis situations, and provide effective solutions against security threats.

10. FinTech Revolution: Financial Technology (FinTech) will continue to be a major innovation area in the years ahead. Digital asset management, in particular, is an area of significant interest. Additionally, financial sector lending processes and models are undergoing significant changes. Alternative credit providers and different sources of financing aim to reach a broader customer base, conduct faster transactions, and offer a wider range of credit options. This development is one of the major transformations in the sector and reflects one of the impacts of FinTech. Moreover, new financial instruments (cryptocurrency, digital assets, etc.) are creating a decentralized economic ecosystem, while uncontrollable systems can pose significant threats.

We summarized the 3-day agenda in which we will cover these topics under the following headings:
Day 1: Following the Path of Digital Evolution with Transformative Technologies
Day 2: Pursuing the Green Future with Global Steps
Day 3: Human-Centered Technology Revolution

Türkiye Innovation Week 10th Year Manifest:

Türkiye Innovation Week, the largest innovation gathering in Türkiye and nearby geography, allows for rapid transformation, not change with time.

It recognizes that innovation is an ongoing process and emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptation.

It creates a culture that embraces risk-taking, creativity and entrepreneurship, and motivates individuals and businesses to pursue innovative ideas.

It endeavors to ensure that all organizations that want to exist in the ecosystem keep pace with this transformation and achieve qualified results. It always aims for more for everyone in the national and international arena.